Diamond Eye 124006 - 4" AL STARTER PIPE

Diamond Eye 124006 - 4" AL STARTER PIPE

Diamond Eye

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Diamond Eye Performance exhaust is a top quality, "Made in America" exhaust system, that is built to fit the first time. Each system is Mandrel Bent, expertly welded and has a distinguished sound to meet any enthusiast's needs. 

Diamond Eye Exhaust Pipe

To produce high-quality exhaust product is the main goal of Diamond Eye. With great dedication and living up to its core work values, it paved way in developing high performing and efficient Exhaust Pipe. The Diamond Eye Exhaust Pipe enhances engine power and can effectively boost exhaust performance. At a price that is right, this Exhaust Pipe truly stands out among any comparable pipes in the market. Made using heavy-duty materials and perfectly in-house built, it is geared to be one of the best and toughest exhaust pipe which performs like no other.

Features and Benefits:

  • 100% synthetic media which is washable in minutes for a like-new performance
  • Perfectly in-house built compared to other kits which are made overseas
  • Proudly made in USA


  • 4 in. piping diameter
  • Natural finish
  • Aluminized steel material