ATS 3049102326 - 68RFE Billet Input Shaft - 2007.5-2017 DODGE 6.7L CUMMINS 68RFE

ATS 3049102326 - 68RFE Billet Input Shaft - 2007.5-2017 DODGE 6.7L CUMMINS 68RFE


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The ATS 3049102326 68RFE Billet Input Shaft helps to avoid breakage on your 2007.5-2017 Dodge 6.7L Cummins. As high power output modifications become more common on the 6.7L Dodge, Ram along with the ability of the ATS-built transmission to support increased torque, the input shaft of the 68RFE Transmission has become a weak link. Horsepower is now easily modified in the engine and upgrades such as the Co-Pilot Controller allow for increased clamping-control of the clutch packs inside the transmission. This means that torque is now transferred to the transmissions input shaft and can lead to breakage during heaving towing or aggressive take-off.

To avoid breakage ATS has released a vacuum-melted 300M chromoly steel version of the input shaft. This 300M super alloy material is an ultra-high-strength metal which supports vastly more power than the original or OEM input shaft. This American-made material is used in mission-critical applications such as aircraft landing gear, and while being more costly than imported variants, offers the best strength and durability available. ATS provides this billet shaft with an unmatched production process where inputs are first machined,then splined and heat treated. ATS furthers quality by executing a finish machining process which ensures clean fitment and improved fatigue resistance. Engineers at ATS spent great amounts of time by first designing and then testing the aspects of this new shaft in a computer-aided-design system, which allowed for modeling and material strength analysis.

When it comes to input shaft selection and aftermarket transmission choices, ATS presents the best option for uncompromised quality and durability through superior engineering.


  • Unsurpassed Reliability
  • Increased Torque Capacity
  • Ability To Handle Higher Horsepower
  • Added Assurance For Performance Transmissions