Edge Products - 19023-D - Stage 1 CTS2 Performance Package (Dry Filter) - 2011-2016 FORD 6.7L POWERSTROKE

Edge Products - 19023-D - Stage 1 CTS2 Performance Package (Dry Filter) - 2011-2016 FORD 6.7L POWERSTROKE

Edge Products

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Increase power and performance in your 2011-2016 Ford 6.7L Powerstroke with the Edge Products 19023-D Stage 1 CTS2 Performance Package. The Edge Products Stage 1 Performance Package provides you with two standout products to optimize the power in your truck, while improving fuel efficiency, and overall drivability. This Power Package includes the best-in-class Evolution CTS2 Programmer and the Jammer Cold Air Intake with Dry Filter.

The Evolution is designed to reprogram the computer in your truck with modified tuning to give you the ultimate in vehicle performance. Including multiple power levels specially tuned by a whole team of engineers that can be installed in minutes without opening the hood. The CTS2 not only provides you with tuning, it also doubles as a 5" color touch screen gauge display to show you vital information about the performance of your engine. The Evolution can read and display up to 8 values at a time from a list of dozens of engine parameters. With user-defined audible alerts, and performance test features such as 0-60 and quarter mile times, the Evolution CTS2 also acts as a performance testing tool and scan tool for reading and clearing diagnostic trouble codes.

The Jammer Cold Air Intake bolts in-place of your factory air intake system and increases power, efficiency, and throttle response in your truck. Featuring a revolutionary design that improves airflow by blocking hot air using cooler, denser air for optimal performance. The Jammer Cold Air Intake offers best-in-class results and a washable and reusable Dry air filter.

  • Stage 1 Package
  • +80 HP & +180 Lb-Ft
  • Increased Power & Performance
  • CS2 Evolution Programmer (EO# D-541-15)
  • Jammer Cold Air Intake System (EO# )

Parameters Monitored: Ambient Air Temp, Accel Pedal Position, Barometric Pressure, Battery Voltage, Corrected Speed, Dist. Between Regens, Dist. Since DTC Clear, Dist. Since Regen, DPF Pressure, DPF Soot Mass, DTC Count, EGT Post DPF, EGT Pre DPF, EGT Post Turbo, EGT Post SCR/Pre DPF, Engine Coolant Temp, Engine Load, Engine Oil Temp, Engine RPM, Engine Run Time, Fuel Level, Fuel Rate, Gear with Reverse, Gear with TCL, Intake Air Temp, Manifold Abs Pressure, Mileage Coach, MPG Instant, MPG Average, x PPM, Regeneration Status, Reductant (Urea) Level, Time 0-60, Time 1/4 mile, Torque, Torque Soleid Pressure, Trans Temp, Turbo boost Fuel Pressure, Exhaust Back Pressure, EGR Temperature, Fuel Injector Pulse Width, Fuel Injection Timing, Charge Air Temperature