Sinister Diesel - SD-CS-LLY-EGRD - Sinister Diesel Complete Solution Kit w/ EGR Delete for 2004.5-2005 Duramax LLY

Sinister Diesel - SD-CS-LLY-EGRD - Sinister Diesel Complete Solution Kit w/ EGR Delete for 2004.5-2005 Duramax LLY

Sinister Diesel

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**Note: This product is not for sale in the state of California, Colorado or Arizona**

Each Complete Solution kit from Sinister Diesel is designed to add needed strength to Duramax engines by making it easy to add a full set of head studs. That way every owner of a high performance Duramax can avoid the most common issues that come with improving ythe engine's performance over factory horsepower and torque ratings. From the EGR replacements, to correct fasteners to the right size gaskets for ythe engine, Sinister Diesel helps you take all the guesswork out of strengthening ythe engine and protecting it against leaks that can cause engine failure.

Complete Duramax Head Stud and Gasket Kits

This kit is intended to fit the 2004.5-2005 Duramax LLY engine and includes the following components:
  • EGR Delete Kit (SD-EGRD-LLY)
  • ARP Head Stud Kit (ARP2000)
  • Grade C MLS Head Gaskets by Mahle Motorsports
  • Cylinder Head Gasket Kit by Mahle Motorsports

Competition tested at over 700hp the Sinister Diesel EGR delete is a must have for ythe drag or sled pull truck. Every EGR delete kit is manufactured in house from 304 stainless steel and billet aluminum. This race kit completely replaces the entire EGR system and can be installed in 6-8 hthes without removal of the intake manifold.

ARP head studs are cold-forged for molecular uniformity and then heat treated for strength before machining for a clamp load rating of 220,000 psi. Far superior to the holding power of factory head bolts, ARP head studs are cheap insurance against fretting and failure of the seal between ythe engine block and cylinder head that can result in severe engine damage. Each set of ARP studs includes matched nut and hardened washer hardware for even distribution of clamping force and accurate torque readings during assembly.

The head gaskets included with the Sinister Diesel Heads Up kits are Grade C head gaskets from Mahle Motorsport which are 1.05mm thick to compensate for any material removed during required cylinder head resurfacing. Every Mahle head gasket is manufactured to OEM quality standards from stamped multi-layered spring steal with beading around each combustion chamber to increase overall sealing pressure and micro-polymer seals around the oil and water passages to ensure leak-free performance against any imperfections in the head or block surfaces.

Each kit also includes a full complement of required gaskets for every engine additional engine component that seals against the cylinder head including gaskets for the exhaust manifold, up pipe, upper and lower valve cover, along with valve cover grommets, valve seals, and turbo drain seals.