Sinister Diesel Universal High AMP (400A) Wiring Upgrade Kit

Sinister Diesel

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This kit comes with everything you need to upgrade your alternator charge cable, alternator ground cable, and chassis ground cable..This kit is a great performance upgrade for stock alternators, or high output alternators up to 400 amps. The cable is 17.2mm diameter 5285 Strand Pure copper construction with a hyperflex frosted jacket., Includes:(2) 4 feet of Black OFC Zero gauge ultra-flexible ground cable, 4 feet of Blue OFC Zero gauge ultra-flexible positive cable., ANL Fuse holder, 400 amp ANL fuse., (3) heavy duty cable ends (That will need to be crimped) with 3/8" diameter hole, (6) 2" heat shrink sealing tubesNote: Crimping tool required for installation